Critical Mass Brussels

When & where ?

Next edition is on Friday 31 May 2024.
We meet at 18:00 from Place du Trône in Brussels. The ride takes between one and two hours.

Don’t forget the upcoming edition and download the Critical Mass calendar (.ics)

The Critical Mass is you

You are the Critical Mass. All you need is a bicycle. Bring music and flags, or dress up, if you like. Invite your friends and family! Everybody is welcome.

Be nice!

Protect the group by keeping cars at bay in a passive and polite manner; block entries to street crossings (corking) so that the critical mass can pass safely. If you see someone cork alone, help them out - you might become friends (yay, meet real Belgians!). The first participants stop at the red light, but they cross when the lights are green. Then everyone continues crossing, even when the lights turn red. Splitting the group would create an unsafe and complicated situation for all road users.

Ambulances, police cars and trams always have priority, busses and pedestrians whenever possible. Please make space so they can pass.

Mention the Critical Mass to friends and family, make your own promotion material to spread the good vibes. Late? You can find the group via the app Critical Maps.


© Ben Baudart

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